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About Rockstar Parties

ROCKSTAR Parties is throwing the coolest parties in Houston and surrounding areas. We are a real podcast recording studio, and on the weekends, we host events of all kinds from kid’s parties, to adult parties, Sweet 16 parties, bachelorette parties and much more.


Fun happens!  The kids get to jam on studio instruments such as drums, keyboards, electric guitars, bass and percussion! We’ll have some fun in the studio in front of the microphones and each singer will get their own headphones!

The birthday bunch will sing 2 songs together as a group (that way no one has to be nervous).  If the birthday Rockstar is brave enough, he/she may sing a little solo.  Then they get to listen to what they’ve recorded and there will be a photo shoot in the control room.

The kids get to experience a real recording session while having fun with their friends!

Then, we’ll bring out the cake, take more pictures and all sing Happy Birthday!  Afterwards, we’ll have a fun photo shoot of the birthday Rockstar with the guitars, headphones, microphone, feather boas, sunglasses… you get the idea.

The studio will then turn into a Rockstar nightclub, and we’ll have a fun-filled dance party complete with incredible laser lights, a fog machine, and your favorite music!.

It’s a blast from beginning to end, fully produced and perfectly timed.  No one ever wants to leave. Photo Booth pictures will be sent via email.  You’re always welcome to take your own photos as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! This is all fun, fun, fun! However, if your child knows how to play an instrument, we’ll be listening!

The perfect age for these parties are kids from 7-13.  We can host Sweet 16 parties as well.  Children under the age of 5 are generally not allowed unless they are siblings of the birthday child.  Toddlers are not allowed just because of the nature of the equipment.  There are a lot of pretty lights and buttons, the instruments can be heavy, and very young children need constant supervision.  We realize sometimes you have to include family members who are younger, but just know that they must have an adult holding their hand the entire time and they are not allowed to play the instruments.  This is for their safety more than anything. Younger kids tend to need a lot of attention and take the focus away from the birthday child and we want that birthday Rockstar to have the spotlight the entire party!  This is our most important priority!

A: We realize that sometimes parents want to attend the party with their child.  However, we ask that there be no more than 4 adults as space is limited, and we want the kids to be able to have as much room as possible!  We understand that parents want to watch their kids record.  It’s cool, we get it.  For the best party, it’s best if there are fewer guest parents.

  • The cake (or cookies, candy, etc.)
  •  Your food of choice: Pizza, Nuggets, Ice Cream, etc. 
  • Ice
  • The Rockstar & Friends
  • We’ll provide the Plasticware, Cups, & Napkins.

The studio is ready to go as soon as you walk in the door.  It is fully decorated and party-ready. While there’s no need to bring anything, you may decorate the cake table. However, wall decorations are not allowed.

We are surrounded by a myriad of restaurants, stores, and services near our studio:

Daily Donuts
Cherries Nail & Spa
Spring hand Car Wash
Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken & Seafood
Simmy’s Eyebrows &More
Tacos Los Robles
Sportin’ Woody’s
Express Lube Center
Quick Quack Car Wash
Café Marrese
Uno, Dos, Shakes!
Hidden Beauty Salon & Spa
Take 5 Oil Change
Orleans Courte
Hunan Inn Asian Bistro
REN Massage
Fajita Pete’s
Sport Clips
Top Donuts




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